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Different from the hard-arm type power-assisted manipulator, the clamp and arm of the soft-cable type manipulator are connected by a rope. The lifting of 

the clamp is realized by the cylinder mechanism designed in the arm. The moving pulley group moves/resistance arm stroke turning and the principle of 

pneumatic balance realizes the lifting of heavy objects. Compared with the hard-arm manipulator, it has a simpler structure and is lighter to use.

  • Type of manipulator


1. According to the installation basis, it is divided into: 1) ground stationary type 2) ground movable type 3) suspension stationary type 

4) suspension movable type (gantry frame);

2.Clamp is usually customized according to the dimension of the workpiece provided by the customer. Generally it has the following structure: 

1) hook type, 2) grab, 3) clamping, 4) air shaft, 5) vacuum absorption. In order to achieve the best effect, you can choose and design the clamp 

according to the workpiece and working environment. 

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