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Product information Application case

Based on the right-angle X, Y, Z three-coordinate system, the gantry manipulator is an automatic industrial equipment to adjust the work station of the workpiece or move 

the workpiece.Gantry manipulator is a kind of manipulator with clamps hanging at the bottom of the guide rail, which is fixed in the gantry frame. It works by the guide rail 

and sliding car.

  • Characteristics


The working range is large, can serve many stations, can complete the loading and unloading of many machine tools, as well as assembly lines.

  • Parameter


Gantry manipulator, the manipulator adopts a rectangular rail structure, which can bear heavy loads. Mainly used in the fields of CNC automatic loading and unloading, 

handling and palletizing. According to the online mode, it is divided into several models such as stand-alone gantry manipulator, dual-line gantry manipulator, and multi-line 

gantry manipulator; gantry manipulators are divided into light gantry manipulators and heavy gantry manipulators according to the load weight. Which gantry manipulator 

model to choose depends on the product's technology and processing time, the shape and weight of the product, and the actual needs of users.

  • Its main features are


1. Strong practicability (small footprint and small installation restrictions)

The gantry manipulator can be freely arranged in the factory production line, and it occupies a small area. It can be set in a narrow space according to actual production 

needs without affecting the working accuracy. Moreover, this kind of manipulator can be fully customized and is more suitable for the user's production, which is a function 

that traditional manipulators cannot achieve.

2. Easy to operate and use, easy to maintain (just set each working point)

The operation of this type of gantry manipulator is extremely simple, and it can be used for safe production even without knowing the operation knowledge. In future 

maintenance, it is convenient to disassemble, modular design and simple maintenance.

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