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Jiangyin Tongli Industrial Co., Ltd. concentrates on the research and development, design, production, sales and service of pneumatic manipulators and automatic manipulators, we are committed to solving the storage and handling problems of various materials, providing systematic, perfect and professional solutions for complex and changeable handling, workpiece positioning and palletizing requirements.

Main products:

1. Pneumatic manipulator: handling manipulator, stacking manipulator, loading and unloading manipulator, auxiliary assembly manipulator;

2. Automatic manipulator: the same as the pneumatic manipulator; 

3. Automatic palletizing line and Material turnover line.

Our manipulator can be used in every link of material handling, high frequency loading and unloading, palleting, auxiliary assembly of the workpiece and so on. 

It is mainly applied to automobile assembly: auto parts, metallurgical casting, metal processing, machinery manufacturing, paper processing, printing and packaging, food and beverage, tobacco and alcohol, Clothing fabrics, household appliances, electronic communication, power transmission and distribution, military research, aviation and shipping, chemical petroleum, building materials, ceramics and sanitary ware, wood material processing, furniture, storage and logistics center, and other industries.

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