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Rigid arm manipulators are made up of rigid arms. In the case of torsion resistance, such as the workpiece is irregular or the workpiece needs to be flipped,

it can only use the rigid arm manipulator.

  • Rigid arm manipulator



a) The same force hard arm assist manipulator can balance various weights from 2 to 500kg.

b) The power-assisted manipulator is composed of a balance host, a grasping fixture, and an installation structure.

c) The manipulator host is the main device that realizes the non-gravity floating state of materials (or workpieces) in the air.

d) The manipulator is the device that realizes the grasping of the workpiece and completes the corresponding handling and assembly requirements of the user.

e) The installation structure is a mechanism that supports the entire set of equipment according to the user's service area and site conditions.

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  • Feature


a) It can realize the gravitational balance state of different weight materials, which is suitable for the precise transfer operation of materials.

b) When no load, full load and different workpieces are processed, the system can sense the weight change and realize the floating state of the load in the 

three-dimensional space, which is convenient for precise positioning.

c) The characteristics of full balance, smooth movement, etc., enable the operator to easily carry out the handling, positioning and assembly of the workpiece.

d) The rigid arm can make the manipulator carry the workpiece over obstacles; the horizontal arm can meet the requirements of horizontal placing and 

horizontal removal of materials in relevant places.

e) The system can always maintain the level of the manipulator's head and exert high workability.

f) Joint brake device, with multiple rotary joints to realize material picking and placement in a wide area; equipped with a brake device, the operator can 

interrupt the movement of the manipulator at any time during the operation.

  • Types of rigid arm manipulator


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                    Manipulator With Clamp                                                  Manipulator With Suction Cup                                                 Manipulator With Air Shaft

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